Thursday, March 09, 2006

Edm Challenge - frame

The EDM challenge for this week is to draw a frame and the picture inside it. It was not as easy as I thought it might be. The frame is simple but the watercolor painting in it is lovely. I did not do it justice, but did learn once again that I can not draw a straight line. I just bought a pack of Micon Pigma pens and tried them out on this piece. I also used Prismacolor colored pencils to color in the painting.


The Foot

Somedays I get really frustrated about the progress on my ankle. Today I decided that I would try and put on a regular sock and shoe. I managed ok, although my foot feels really cramped. I then put on the aircast for some support. I still have to use the crutches but its doable I guess.

I have been wanting to do some collage, stamping etc but with most of my supplies downstairs that has been difficult. So I went downstairs on my butt and collected a sampling of supplies to bring upstairs. I probably brought all the wrong stuff but at least it is a start. I want to make some cards and do some ATC(artist trading cards) and do some visual journal pages. Throughout this ordeal I try to see the blessing in it. Lately those thoughts lead to the word Opportunity. I am not sure what the opportunity is yet but if I look as all this time just sitting around as a gift rather than a burden I can bear it better.

I went to my knitting group on Wednesday and found out that they place we meet is closing down, so now we need to find a new location. Just when I thought that it was the one thing that I could depend on every week now that changes too. All I could think was I HAVE HAD ENOUGH CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I need to work on letting go of attachments or something.

For some reason I am having trouble getting back to knitting, my heart just has been in it this week. I took a sock to knitting and left one of the needles at home. I had to borrow one just so I could knit... silly me. Posted by Picasa


Judy J said...

It's time to embrace change, friend. It's like you say, it brings opportunities!!

Linda said...

:-) I like your drawing of your framed picture. Sorry about your foot -- sounds like you're making the best of it, though!

Thorn said...

Hi Kate! The Frame challenge sounded like it was did a good job! Looking forward to seeing your Magical Creation Box "in progress" post them pics!...carrie