Friday, March 17, 2006

Top of the Morning to You

Top of the Morning to You. now the proper response for this Irish Greeting on St Patricks Day is ..And the balance of the Day to yourself... A Grand Happy St. Patricks Day to all of you.

Tonight we are going over to a friends house for game night. We just get together a lot of people to play board games, poker and whatever. It makes for a fun night. We all need to bring something "Green" in the form of snacks. I was going to do avocados and green chips but then another friend is doing the same. So now we are going to pick up some Mt. Dew and see what else the store has that we can bring. It should be fun.

I was sent flowers by a friend. A beautiful boquet of pink and fuscia colored flowers. Mums, carnations and tulipsits a beautiful spring bouquet. I will take a pic and add it later. Maybe even draw them too. Oh they smell heavenly.

I tried drawing a hat for the EDM challenge for this week but it looked like crap.... So I won't post it, I will try again later. I have other drawings to share, maybe tomorrow since I don't have any pics taken yet.


Thorn said...

have a great time at game night, Kate...I'm staying in seclusion this weekend, it's been hectic...carrie

Thorn said...

I've been working on my homepage since very early this morning, and I created a page that is very dear to my heart ...I think I may have found a way to express something and maybe reach out to someone that needs it, I've created a page dedicated to Domestic Abuse, I'm hoping that everyone here will view it and pass it along to the bloggers and addies on their lists. I will be posting it on today's blog entry as well, but I'd really like your help in passing it around, as it means so much to me...thank you....Carrie ("Thorn")
p.s. I apologize if I took too many "liberties" in posting this to your blog, but's a message that I'd like to spread to the world!