Thursday, March 30, 2006

I can't believe I left the Moleskine at home

Yesterday afternoon I took my 17 yr old daughter to get her Senior pictures taken. Earlier in the day I received a small order from Daniel Smith. I was anxious to try out my new Faber Casteel Pitt drawing pens so I threw them in my purse before leaving for the appointment. Now I always carry a journal so I didn't bother to check. Mistake no 1. To be at the portrait studio for 2 hours with no paper to draw on was awful. There were so many wonderful props there that would have been so much fun to draw.

So I was forced to sit on the sidelines and watch Sarah interact with another adult. She laughed and giggled and posed and twirled for all the pictures. All I could think was my she is beautiful. She was so full of life it was fun to see. Now this is not the first time I thought I had a beautiful daughter. It was more like seeing her as an accomplished woman now. She'll be going off to college in September and on to all the new adventures that life offers. I felt like I got a glimpse of the wonderful person she will be. Of course throughout it all I thought, well you know Kate you did a pretty good job after all. What a gift the day was.

I did get to play a little with the FC Pitt pens later that night and I love them. I bought a set of black and sepia. I look forward to using them.

I am hosting an ATC swap and some of the cards have started to arrive, what fun it is to see everyones art. I will post them when I receive them all.


Thorn said...

oh...that would have drove me crazy not to have anything to sketch on...I would've started digging thru my pocketbook...thorn (aka carrie)

Kate said...


I didn't have even any small pieces of paper. I went out to the car and even searched there. Nothing to be found. I think I need a backup sketchbook for the car

mw said...

That is a neat memory that you will have to carry with you.