Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lying in the Mud

I spent the morning in town. I went over to Roberts to use to use my 50% off coupon. I have been looking for the water brush that I had taken to Europe but I have given up on it. So I thought I would get a new one. I could not find it anywhere in the store. I did come across this though.

It a book by Kate Johnson who is in my everyday Matters group. I have been thinking of taking her online watercolor class but am not sure if I can do it this time around or not. I really like her stuff and the book is great, she really explains it well for newbies like me.

Then I met my friend Ginger for tea at the Villa. We sat and talked for a couple hours and that was nice. Then I headed home.

I made it all the way to the top step and somehow lost my balance and fell off the porch and hurt my good leg. As I am lying in the mud grabbing my other leg in agony I just did not have the oomph to get up. So I sat there for awhile and then found my phone to call Dave and have him help me but once again he did not answer the phone. I could not get up to ring the doorbell or anything else. There were no rocks handy to throw at the windows or anything else. I called Sarah but she was 15-20 minutes away and I thought by the time she got home I might have found a solution. Then low and behold Dave comes outside and sees me in the dirt. Then I got help and got my wounds attended too. A big bruise on my right leg and then a cut on my thigh on my left leg in addition to my sore ankle hurting like hell. I had something to eat took a pain pill and went to bed. I am feeling a little better now. I see now that this is the third incident for me. First the actual sprain, then losing balance on the porch and now really falling off it. Things happen in threes, I hope that is the end of it.

I have just discovered bloglines. Its a way to know when all your favorite blogs have been updated. So I have been busy adding all my blogs to the list. It is really neat, it will save me a lot of time.

Last night I went back to knit on the purple socks. Plus I started a new project. What a way to jump start knitting again. Its a hat that I am doing in Noro silk garden. The pattern is a basketweave pattern. Pics will appear as soon as I get around to taking some.

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Thorn said...

Kate, take it easy on the body! Hope you are okay, that was a nasty fall...carrie