Friday, March 24, 2006

Try Again

Blogger has been weird all week so I have not posted. Its not that I had anything grounbreaking to say so its just as well. I had 2 different Dr. appointments this week. I am glad that is over with. I am now walking with a cane. It is still pretty painful. My Orthopedic Dr said it may take 2 more months before I am back to normal. My friends say that's asking a lot that I may never be normal. ha ha.

I have knit a little this week but sore hands are preventing a lot of activity. I think I got the tendonitis from using the crutches. So maybe they will get better now.

Yesterday it was beautiful, a blue sky and all. I sat in a chair in the front yard and drew in my journal. The birds were singing so loudly that I felt like I was in the Rainforest or something. I drew just what I could see. A flower pot, the dog, field across the street. I need to take pics and then post them.

I think today I will go out an look for a new stove. We need one badly and I have just been waiting to get my income tax check back before looking. I need to do that before I spend all the money. I swear having a graduating senior in the house is really expensive. It seems like every time I turn around she needs something new or some money for some other thing.

The daughter is on Spring Break next week. We have no plans to do anything. There were going to be college visits but then she decided she really just wants to go to the University of Montana so we do not need any other visits. I am thinking a little trip out of town might be nice. Maybe head up to Jackson or Salt Lake to do some shopping or something. I guess it will depend on the weather.

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