Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Owls have it

I was on the net last night or I should say early this morning and I thought I heard the hoot hoot sound. My husband Dave got up to use the bathroom and I said I think we have owls, listen. Of course at that point a train was going by down the street so we had a wait a little while. He agreed it sounded like a Great Horned Owl

So being the adventurous soul I am I go outside with a flashlight which of course was useless. I did discover we have two owls and they were calling to each other. It was really neat. I guess I will have to get up a dawn and see if I can actually see them. We saw one a few years ago so it would not be unusual to have them again. I thought it was pretty awesome, maybe we'll see babies one day.

I went to knitting group and enjoyed the time working on my socks. This is such a diverse group of women that the conversation is always interesting. Amy and I stayed after and talked about how we thought our girls would do when they go to college this fall. It is interesting to speculate upon their choices and wonder where they will end up.

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Penny said...

Hi Kate, I have just found your blog, love the bird, woodpecker or something else. We have owls here at night, live on a dairy farm but I have Welsh ponies and a big garden and lots of other things. I knit a bit too. Your new stove looks impressive!
Penny in South Australia