Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is March 6 and this would have been my mothers birthday. She died in 1998 so lets see she would have been 88 if she had lived longer. I miss her. I wish I could call her up for a chat or go visit her and have a cuppa. I always think of her when I am having tea.

She would be amazed at all the drawing that I have been doing. I toyed with art a little bit when I was 18 or so. I had oil paints and did a few paintings on canvas board. They were not very good, I really needed art lessons but never went that route. I guess you never get away from certain things. When she visited one time she fell in love with the Tetons. I remember her saying she could not understand living here and not painting. Maybe she had some secret desires that she never fulfilled. I had a baby then and art was really on the back burner. Over the last 10 years I have taken various classes, drawing, watercolors, colored pencil, acrylic. One of my favorite instructors was Colette Brooks a local artist. Hers were the only classes that I did not feel intimidated in. My favorite was Drawing on the Right side of the Brain, I actually did very well in the class. I took a acrylic class to and I loved doing that. I just never did much beyond the classroom. Right now its like Danny Gregory's book gave me permission to draw any way I want and to just do. I am so grateful for his book. It has freed me creatively in ways I am only beginning to see.

Here is EDM# 45 My Medicine cabinet

This was fun and easy to draw. The other interesting thing is discovering what really is in your medicine cabinet. It looks like mine needs a cleaning out.

Fiber Pursuits

Time to get back to all this stuff I have waiting for me. I have turned the heel on the purple sock, and am ready to pick up stitches for the instep. It is time to finish those and move on. I have not done anything for the Mara Kal. I have my basket sitting here all waiting for me. I am ahead of everyone so its not crucial yet but I would like to get going so I don't fall behind.


I know your shocked ..weaving content, it is about time. I decided that maybe I could weave with one foot. I have a warp for a silk scarf on the Baby Wolf and I tried weaving with the right foot and it did work out ok. The treadles are just not set up for that though so I convinced Dave to retie the treadles for me. I have them all lined up left to right so it should be easy to weave now. I'll post a picture as soon as I have something to show.

Remember the Tartan Sample I was weaving for the Sheriff over in Caldwell. Well the pattern was submitted to the Royal Tartan Society in Edinburgh Scotland and has been approved. The remaining piece is being framed as a gift for the sheriff's department. The Scottish American group in Caldwell is holding a ceilidh for National Tartan Day. They will present the Tartan to the sheriff at that time and I will be taking part also. This will be April 1st, I will let you know how that goes.

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Sioux said...

Kate, I love your blog. My mother recently died, and I am quite sure she would not know what to make of my drawing.

I have a friend who has begun to raise sheep, and they keep a lama as protection for the lambs from coyotes.

You must have a beautiful view.

I have always wanted to learn to weave, but never have taken the time.

Anyway, thanks for the comments on my blog.