Friday, February 13, 2009

CED - some sketches and a painted face

My entries for Creative Every Day this week. the first was done in a moleskine journal.

... the second an artist sketchbook. I have been looking to try new poses so I have been using paintings of other artists as inspiration.

... and this one I did using some of Sharons work as inspiration. I am trying to do the 2 women she did as friends as more a mother and daughter look. I find it hard to show age on a face. Do you think one looks younger? I think I will do another sketch and try to have the mother have her arm around the daughter.

I decided to paint another face in my journal
trying out a new fluid color for the background. for a shade of purple I think it is more magenta like.

and a picture of the kitten for my daughter.


elle said...

i paint and have recently decided to show my art work. any advice on how to get started to be able to sell art?

please visit:

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate..
You're getting a pretty unique style with the faces :) I like..
PEace, Kai

Sharon said...

Thank you Kate, You always make me smile when you say that I have inspired you. It warms my heart. It is great that you manage to sketch every day because you are developing not only the technique but "your style". And I do think you captured older/younger in your sketch. It has to do with facial proportions. The one you painted is great. Did yo like the liquid color?

judie said...

Kate, the smaller one did look younger, and I thought "mother/daughter" even before I read the post. You're doing good! xoxoxo

Leah said...

Great work, Kate! Something in the top one reminds me of your face.

And, oh, the kitten. too cute!!