Thursday, February 05, 2009

Zoe' is my muse

Jessie from Diary of a self-portrait did a post on the Muse and I had commented about not really feeling connected with a muse. She kindly wrote me back and suggested a dialogue to discover my muse. So I did this little free writing exercise.

My Muse

I have always liked the idea that Sharon had a muse named Norah and that she regularly had dialogue with her. I wasn't sure if I had a muse at all. Sure I have those creative urges but is that my muse. I have decided that is what it is. Now yesterday I spent the day on weaving projects. I finished up the red shawl and I wound a new warp and even started on weaving on my rug. I seemed to flow from one of those projects to the next. Having done the journaling last month I needed a break from that daily commitment. I have not done really any art in February and it is already the 5th of the month. Yesterday I recall my inner voice saying "I am ready to do some art" I now think this was my muse talking to me. I am wanting to do some new paintings and I did end up in the library looking at Art books as reference materials. Maybe it was my muse that sent me there. I looked at Hastings last night too. Neither one of those excursions gave me what I needed. I have been thinking maybe some Dover books would have female styles and figures that I am looking for. I have not been to Barnes and Noble yet. Or perhaps the Internet will have some ideas for me. All these urgings are really my muse preparing me for the Art I am gong to be making next. Ok then since I have now firmly established my muse's existence just what is her name. I know it’s a she of that I am certain. Its just that no name seems to be popping in my head. Ok my lovely muse just who are you? Still a blank, ok I will do a little mini meditation. What names have I been drawn to before, I always like those French and exotic names like Chloe, Sophie, Collette, Celeste, Carmen, Zoe. Hmm maybe her name is Zoe. I have been using Claire a lot in my writing so maybe she is Claire. No I keep getting Zoe in my head that is if that is how its spelled. Zoe has the .. Over the e but I do not know how to do that on the keyboard, so I will just do it like this Zoe' and that will have to do.

Now after doing this little exercise I am finding that I am connecting with Zoe. I think she is my inner bohemian gypsy girl. I may have to draw or paint her now. She wears those flowing skirts and shawls and sometimes is found with paint on her nose. Long curly red hair is held in place by a colorful babushka. I am beginning to see her more clearly now. She is the one that takes me out to play. Oh what fun this has been.

If you are doubting you ave a muse just try this little exercise and see what happens, that is all I did and I am having a blast with it.

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Jessie said...

Hey you beautiful Zoe! :)

It's me, Latkha. ;) Well, that's what my muse's name is today anyway. ;)

It seems like we've both learned a lot about our muses in the last couple days. I love it. Not to mention, it's nice to have someone (my creative, soulful, fun, passionate self) to hang out with.

I have a feeling that Latkha and Zoe know each other well. ;)