Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some more sketches

I managed two sketches today. One while listening to the sermon at church,

The second during a forum talk afterwards. Another sketch of a mother daughter. I think I will do several of these and then try to paint it.

Since I started using this large sketchbook and doing drawings in it I somehow feel more like an artist. When I was drawing in church the person next to me commented that she thought I was really good. It was nice to be complimented and I did say thank you but I also said that I was learning. In hindsight I think I said that to excuse any mistakes in the drawing but on the other hand its true I am learning I am teaching myself to draw by drawing more. So maybe I did own myself as an artist today.

I have been watching a series called the Impressionists and it tells the story of Claude Monet and his contemporaries Renoir, Bazille, Manet and Degas. It is really fascinating to see what they had to go through for their art. They were so ridiculed for their styles. I have seen episode 1 and 2 and look forward to the rest.


Olivia said...

That's so cool, Kate. I really like the mother-daughter one a lot. I have been watching and it's exciting to see your art evolve. Love, O

Zom said...

Hi Kate, thanks for coming to my blog. I like what is happening in your drawings. There is a lot of sensitivity in your mother-daughter.

Karen said...

What a great expression on the mother's face--I know just how she feels!