Sunday, February 08, 2009

Secret # 5 Committing to Self Focus

We are on to Secret #5 in the blogging booking group facilitated by Jamie Riddler

In this chapter the focus is on self focus. At times I find I let others interrupt my creative time. Or I don't even set up a creative time but try to grab it here and there, which is not very successful. I would have to say I am my own worst enemy. I talk myself out of creative time by taking that time to do something else, it may be talking on the phone, meeting someone for lunch, doing another volunteer job and so on and on.

Since there are so many creative things that I like to do I have started setting aside days to focus on one thing. I have been able to devote Tuesdays to writing. I seem to change the date for Art some weeks its Monday and others its Wednesday. The day doesn't matter just the fact that I do it does. On those days when I do stay home the challenge for me is to stay focused on the creativity and not let the internet or household chores interfere. That is a constant struggle for me. I guess I need to just make the choice to put my creative pursuits first, like they are my job. When I was working with my grandparents letters the job was so big that I ended up having to treat it like I was working on a thesis and worked on it every day. That technique seemed to work. I may need to try that again.


Sheila said...

I find I have to organise my time too, schedule it out. Do household things first, plan supper, and then do whatever I want to do. If I don't plan my time it slips away, just as you say, while doing insignificant things and then I'm annoyed with myself.

Snap said...

Organization ... I don't like that word! Never have! There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day (especially as I get older). I have too many projects I want to do. Perhaps we could go to an 8 day week with 26 hours a day? !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate . . . I too have found that 'setting up' my workspace and embarking upon my creative work in the mindset of my 'job' does actually help me sometimes!

amy said...

I love that idea that you are working on your thesis. I think i will try to think of it in a similar way. I like your post. Blessings and self focus to you.