Saturday, February 07, 2009

Getting back to Art

in my attempt to come back to normal i took my sketchbook to town with me. i sat along the river and sketched this lady. it was really satisfying to do and reminded me that i love to draw and need to work it back into my life.

... later that evening i decided to try painting on fabric. in kelli rae's book Taking Flight she does a little exercise on this in her section featuring dj pettit. earlier i had taken muslin and fused it to some interfacing to stabilize it. i added a layer of clear gesso and let it dry.
my first attempt was just sloshing paint on the fabric in a random matter. i trimmed the piece with pinking shears.

and here i decided to try a face. painting on fabric is different for sure. i was using golden fluid acrylics and perhaps heavy bodied would be better. i will try that next time. i used titan buff as my skin tone base and i liked using it instead of titanium white. it gave a different shade to the skin, i will play with this some more. i am not sure what i will do with her, perhaps make a bag with some fabrics around the face to make the panel bigger. i know she was fun to do and i can't wait to try some more fabric painting. sometimes trying something new will get you back in the groove.


Kathy said...

Beautiful work. I would love to be able to paint or draw like you. My mom was an artist but unfortunately I didn't get the talent. Hugs, Kathy

Renee said...

Kate, your lady above is wonderful. I really like her. I also liked your journal page of a gray day, I am hoping that you will find your way soon, because I believe you will.

Love Renee