Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As I said earlier my birthday is Friday and I have been at a loss on how to celebrate it. Last year I went out to dinner with 20 friends and it was really so much fun. I thought to do that again but started running into problems. One person can't come and the other is a on a restrictive diet until March so she wants me to wait. Sure I can celebrate in a couple weeks. That still leaves what do I do on Friday.

I was painting in the studio today and the thought came to mind well How would you like to spend the day? What would make you happy? The idea to be able to spend most of the day making Art was what came to me. If I can't have all my friends over I would love to just play with paint and paper and stamps and ink and on and on.

You are all invited over to come play with me. I have plenty of art supplies so just come as you are. Now wouldn't that be the treat if all my blogging friends could just appear. I think I will have to pretend that it going to happen.

I also decided to make my own birthday cake this year. Since my daughter left home I don't get a cake anymore. We seem to always go out to dinner and have dessert there. This year I am having a cake and I am going to enjoy every single bite.

I also have a question for you. How do you spend your birthday? I mean besides the usual with friends and family. Have you ever done anything really different or fun. I'd love to hear about it.

Don't forget to enter my drawing for the journal I am giving away. Its in the previous post.


Gillian said...

Kate I'm here to wish you a happy Birthday for Friday! I read in the sidebar of the GPS blog that it was your birthday...!
I hope you celebrate anyways on Friday. Make that cake and enjoy every bite of it!
Yes, lets snap our fingers and get together, wouldn't that be cool.
I am low key, for my birthday I love to be in a very small group or alone believe it or not. My alone time needs to be quality though, with just some good movies, tea and books. Or, like you, doing art.
If I'm with girlfriends or family, I like a simple meal with a nice bottle of wine. Some quiet introspective and deep conversation.
Dinner and a movie works too, I'm so mad for the movies. :)
Whatever you decide to do, do it and have fun!!!
Love Gillian

Janet said...

I've had so many they aren't all that big a deal anymore! HB always wants to do something special for me but I never can think of anything I want to do!! All my friends live in other parts of the country so we can't get's usually just me and HB.

craftyhala said...

Happy Birthday to you on Friday.
I made my own cake this year too. Pineapple cupcakes! They were yummy.
I worked and then we all went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. I had to wear the sombrero while they sang to me. Trix gets a kick out of that.


tinker said...

Happy Birthday to you, many Fridays ago! Hope it was wonderful - those roses look beautiful. Some of the best gifts are the ones we give ourselves, I think...who knows us the best?
Have a happy year ahead, Kate!