Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is April I think?

Some weather, we had rain snow and hail today. Hard to believe tomorrow is May 1st.

After trying Lisa Oceandreamers pastels in Sedona I had to get a set. Don't all the colors look gorgeous. I really like working with these.

I got this little guy in Phoenix, he's got a little votive candle behind him and will go great with my other ocean inspired decor.

I have been wanting this set of stamps for a long time. I found them in an art store in Sedona and grabbed them right away.

I carved these stamps yesterday. The inspiration came from some tiles I took pictures of in Sedona. The big one is a little too big but the smaller one came out great. I have more designs to try.

The red winged black birds have been hanging out at our bird feeder so we bought some cracked corn and put this little feeder out for them. The smaller birds eat there too along with the turtle doves and morning doves. We have a pair of mating hawks in our yard so maybe we will get to see hawk babies this year.

I started a separate blog to chronicle my efforts in manifesting the money for the Taos workshop and travel. This is the biggest thing I have tried to manifest so I feel its worth recording my experiences.

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Julie said...

I completely forgot about doing a May Day post, and I know why. Because it was such crappy weather in Bismarck this past week. May, what May???

I have been drooling over those stamps online for quite a while now. I think you will love working with them. I love everything in that product line.