Friday, April 25, 2008

Greetings from Gardiner

I am at the Best Western Hotel in Gardiner Montana and what a day we had. It was an adventure just getting here. When we got in the park we were told the road we needed to go on was closed. So we went to Old Faithful and looked around and asked about the road there. They said it had snowed seven inches and was drifting. we made the decision to take the long way around. This is 4 more hours of driving. So we drove back to West Yellowstone and then found out the road was now open so we headed back there. Then we found the road closed due to a car accident. So we waited another 45 minutes but were happily on our way. we later saw the car, it was a van that went down a ravine. The windshield was shattered and the rest of the vehicle was totaled. I wondered about the people who had been inside.

We saw a lot of wild life today. A fox, 2 coyotes, 3 wolves,sand hill cranes, ravens and eagles, lots of elk and buffalo and Big Horned sheep. I am having trouble uploading any pictures to bloggr so they will have to wait until I get home.

We went to a great little bar for pizza and beer and after a soak in the hot tub we are both feeling pretty mellow. I'll be up at 5 am to go see wolves so I will keep this short. Have a great weekend.


craftyhala said...

Sounds like a fun trip, aside from the driving and accidents. :)
No scorpions? lol

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

What an adventure.....looking forward to the photos! I haven't been to Yellowstone since I was a kid.
Have a wonderful time!

Sioux said...

Lovely...all those animals. Hope the people in the wreck were ok. Sounds like you had a great Sedona, and you're still having fun! I've never been to either Yellowstone or Sedona.

KaiBlueCreations said...

It's lovely to hear about your travels Kate.. Please post lotza pictures!!

Peace, Kai xx

Gemma said...

Wow Kate. You have been going on lots of adventures lately!!! I havn't ever been to Yellowstone.
Would love to go someday.
sending love