Monday, April 07, 2008

Healing from Nature

This is the final card that I came of the Healing and Inspiration swap. I can't believe how many different things I tried, I tried an ocean scene and several other depicting nature and this was the one that gave me the most pleasure to do. I was gong to just leave it black and white but with just a little color added I think its nice in its simplicity. Do you think I should add some watercolor where the word are, hmmm I can't remember if I used waterproof ink maybe I will leave as is.


Margene said...

Very nice card! Well done.

MissKoolAid said...

It's beautiful as is.

craftyhala said...

That is a really nice card. The colors, the trees...they look like they have eyes.
I like it. :)

Fiona said...

HI Kate

nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to see how Paulette does the face details.

Looking forward to seeing your portrait!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

It's lovely, Kate, just the way it is!

Julie said...

A little blue wash would be great (listen to me, I sound like someone who actually uses watercolors). But, I know what you mean. I think I have finally learned to leave well enough alone because I have ruined so many pieces trying to add "one last touch".

I have at least three watercolor sets. LOL. I am going to try to at least do one WC wash on a piece soon. No pictures, ha!

I just sent off an altered book for my first ever swap, and also received the first book from another participant. What fun!!!