Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back at the cafe

I am at the Villa, I felt the need to watch the art videos again. I really wish I could do it at home. Until I can get a better internet provider this is what I will have to do. I like coming here so its ok.

I started my painting yesterday and felt that old fear come up. It is a fear of beginning and its strange since if its awful I don't have to show it to anyone but still a remnant of fear comes in. I had to tell it to shut up and just begin which I have.

First I prepped the canvas and then I did a background and added the face. The first step is to paint it with fluid acrylic in titanium white and then start adding the flesh tone. I have done the several coats of white needed and now I am ready for the challenging part. I have a tendency to be so sparing in my paint that I never mix up enough and you use a lot of paint in the next step. I need to remember to think big.,

I was working on my crown for the gathering in Sedona and having fun with it. I am taking the crown I had and adding some other fund things to it. I am glad when an idea I have actually works in the way you want it to. You'll see it in the pictures that will be taken later in Sedona.

I had toyed with the idea of altering my suitcase before the trip but now I think I really don't have the time. I need to pick up some of that painters tape to cover up some of the leather and hardware that won't be altered but I keep forgetting to do that. I wanted to put a map on one side but I can not find any map paper anywhere so I will go a different way with it. So many ideas, so little time.


Olivia said...

I know what you mean about the Fear of Beginning, Kate. For me, there's something about nothing being there at all, nothing existing, and then I need to create something to fill that void. It doesn't exist, but it will, and I have to make it. It is good to know that everyone feels this sometimes, some of us more than others! Peace, O

Julie said...

I am so in love with the idea that you ladies will be wearing handmade crowns. Photos are a must!

We book club ladies wore (unaltered) tiaras once. It was huge fun.

violette said...

I can't wait to see your crown Kate! It will be so cool i'm sure....i haven't begun mine yet...need to mail the manuscript first! Re: your suitcase......can't you find map paper at scrapbooking stores? That would be so cool. For my little journal suitcase i downloaded a map from the internet of morocco and glued that on!

Love, Violette xoxo
P.s. if it's any consolation i tend to feel nervous when i'm doing some new art thing too!

judie said...

Feel free Kate! You have artistic license and you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT ON THAT CANVAS! There is no good, there is no bad, there is no right or wrong! Just the inspiration that comes from within you....a part of YOU will be on that canvas. Try not to feel you have to do this exactly like your lessons. Remember lessons are just YOU! You can do it! xoxoxoxoxo