Thursday, May 01, 2008

Domestic Photo study

I am following the lead of Gillian from Indigo Blue who showed these domestic scene pictures, and then Lisa and Gemma followed suit I just had to play along.

A view of a crewel piece my mother did for me back when I was twenty something.

A bit of a heart box.

A view of my spinning wheel

Part of one of my turtles.

A look through the triangular loom

Another view of the crewel piece, I couldn't decide which one I liked so you get both.

My message board with a cross-stitched cat.

A lone peacock feather.

Now some views from my weaving studio, this is getting addictive.

My critters all crowded together.

Some beautiful shades of chenille yarn. I should really weave a scarf with this.

Some beautiful silks in blues and greens, they are all handspun yarns.

Dyed cotton ready to be spun into yarn.

Cones of weaving yarns. Now I think you have enough visuals for the day.


MissKoolAid said...

All those yummy colours! It's fun to get a peek.

Sheila said...

Taht was fun Kate..
I love the colours of the yarn, they are so vivid.
I plan on doing this photo thing soon..

Sioux said...

What yummy yarns. Love seeing all the domestic stuff. Wish we were closer so you could teach me to weave. Raf got me a Navajo loom for Christmas, but, even with the book, I don't have a clue.

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Kate..
The crewel is gorgeous.. I like the composition of the yarns..It's so you..
Im glad I was able to meet you :) You seemed so calm after Sedona..and that's wonderful.. Please post more pics of your life..
PEace, Kai xx

judie said...

Fun Kate. Especially love the crewl. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

oooh I love seeing snippets and peeks! That crewel your mother did is beautiful and all those colors for weaving...delicious!

Gemma said...

The yarn is so beautiful...there is something sacred about that and your spinning wheel.

Julie said...

That virtual tour was fun. Ooh - those blue and green fibers...