Saturday, April 05, 2008

Getting things done

It sure feels good to get some things done that were hanging over my head. I am proud to report I finished the scrapbook page for the Glitter Gals Gathering. I took it to staples to get color copies made and they wanted to charge me $13.00 and I balked at that. Just used my own printer and I will most likely need a new cartridge now but at least that money is going into that and not into Staples pocket. I have been looking at my crown and I think I may add to it but not much since I do like it as is, maybe just a couple things. So now that I am not starting from scratch it will be relatively simple and I am not overwhelmed with having to do it. I got something for Pams birthday, made a card and have them all wrapped and ready to go. My little surprise I am making was giving me fits but I finally figured that out so they are ready to go. Yippee. Now on to other art.

I so enjoyed doing that journal page on Sedona that I think I will make something similar for my last card in the Healing and Inspiration Swap. Then I may start working on the next round robin book. I was going to wait until I got back from Sedona but I may start it before hand, at least get some of the pages done.

I am still feeling poorly, I decided if I don't feel better by Monday I think a trip to the Dr's is in order. I really want to be feeling better by the time I leave for Phoenix and that is only ten days away. I need to be in ship shape for all the partying. The first 2 days I will be visiting my friend Nancy who lives in Phoenix, then I will meet Gemma and then head to Sedona. It is going to be great to be there.

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Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Wow, I hope you get better soon. No fun going on a trip sick. And, I am surely wishing I was going to be there with you girls. Oh, well....take and post lots of you girls!