Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just looking out the window

I am sitting in the library looking out the window and its warm and sunny, finally. I sometimes come here to download things that go just too slow at home. Things have downloaded so I could go home but I seem to be in a nice place here so I think I will stay for awhile.

I have had my first class with Paulette and she is doing a great job. We are drawing faces and face parts for the first week and I figure transferring to the canvas the second week. Probably won't get to painting till the 3 rd week and I will be in Sedona then so it will be postponed a little.

Before I leave on the 15th I need to finish my taxes, finish the picture page for the glitter gathering, make my other card for the healing and inspiration swap and get it mailed, embellish my ya ya crown at least a little bit more. Come up with something for Pam's birthday, and then think about what I am going to take. If I was inspired creatively right now none of this would be a problem but alas the muse is on vacation. I think perhaps a journal page is in order that always seems to help get those creative juices going. I guess now definetly I will need to go home since all my Art supplies are there. Maybe I'll have something to post later.


violette said...

Oh gosh you are making me nervous......i haven't even started on my crown or my page yet......i have my half manuscript deadline on the 15th so i won't be working on them until just before then! Yikes! That's awesome that you've begun your hat. What do you think we should do for Pam's bd?

Love, Violette

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

You all are going to have a great time. I'm sorry I won't be there!!

Julie said...

You're going to Sedona too? Wow, now I really wish I could go. I "know" Gemma and Nature Girl, and now you. You guys are going to have the best time ever.