Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sedona Withdrawal

I have been home a couple days and I sure wish I were back in Sedona with my Sisters. To meet all of my friends what really fantastic but to really get to know them a little better was the icing on the cake. From all the Pictures I will post you can see that we really had a wonderful time. Sedona is an amazing place I suggest you all put it on your life list and plan a trip there. We only experienced a small portion of it. In our group we had people from England, Canada and from the US we came from California, S. Carolina, Washington, Idaho, Arizona and Ohio.

Here are Nicci, Violette and Gemma all ready to start their adventure.

We started it all by meeting a few at the Airport. Gemma and I met in the airport and then we headed over to greet Violette and Nicci as they got off the plain. This photo is courtesy of Nicci. We toasted Our arrival with Mohitos! Then we met Pam since her flight was coming soon. Pam went ot meet Lorraine and Lisa and the rest of us headed to Sedona.

We all made crowns to wear just like in the Ya Ya sisterhood movies. This will show you most of them. Blogger is being difficult right now. I will try to post more pics later.


Olivia said...

Welcome back, Kate! I'm glad you had such a great time. Looking forward to hearing more about it, love, O

Denise S. said...

Oh Kate I looked at all your pictures from your trip and I am so envious,looks like you girls had a wonderful time.

craftyhala said...

Hi Kate. It's almost dinner time. I don't want to cook. Sedona spoiled me. :)

Gemma said...

It was awesome Kate!!!! Wonderful to meet you! So glad you get to go to Taos too....You will love it!!!!
Love you!