Saturday, December 30, 2006

Favorite presents


Violette challenged us all to draw our favorite present. So here is a fun sketch with some of my favorite gifts included. I used the new watercolor pencils to color the items. It was a fun little exercize.

I just took down the Christmas Tree. It was so dry that it was a real fire hazard, plus I felt like getting back to normal so I took everything down. Now to get it all put away and all those pine needles vacuumed.

I have been looking for a new purse and the other day I found this purse at Walmart marked down to $5.00, what a deal. I think I might try and paint it. Then I thought oh I like the purse what if I ruin it, but then it was only 5 bucks so no big loss but then I realized I have an old purse I can practice on first. So that is a project planned for the new year, One of many I hope. I want to start trying some of the new techniques I have been reading about all year. I have been collecting supplies so now I need to find the magazines in question and starting playing. Posted by Picasa


Pam Aries said...

YAy! I haven't done my presents drawing yet! ...I think you should definitly go crazy on the purse! I have some purses that I plan to alter. HAppy New Year! ...It is warm humid and rainy here today!

judie said...

Happy New Year Kate!

Kai said...

I love the present sketch!!
What a groovie idea to try on your purse..CRafting!!
Happy new year to you Kate!!
PEace, Kai.