Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ornament Exchange

Oops, I forgot to give credit where credit was due, sorry about that. This is the ornament I got from Lisa Froggy in the ornament exchange. Originally I thought it was from Judi and that's what I posted previously. The Santa was made with paper clay, I think it is pretty cool and looks great on my tree. The misunderstanding came when Lisa thought it was to be a secret, I saw the return address and thought it said W,Virgina but it said Virginia so I concluded Judi but I was wrong. Anyways its a beautiful ornament that Lisa made. Now that is cleared up on to other things.

I rented Little Miss Sunshine last night, what a fun quirky movie, Sarah and I had fun watching it. The we watched more Heroes, she needed to see the first 6 episodes. She was excited when she could understand some of the Japanese that was being spoken.

I got a lovely card from my GPS sister Pam. Simple but elegant and fun, thanks Pam. I think it so pretty. I love it.

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Pam Aries said...

Ohhhh... Thank you for the Winter Solstice reference! And I am so happy that my card made it in time! I had fun making them! My theme this year was PEACE! And you are right ! Pure and Simple!