Thursday, December 28, 2006

Feeding Ducks/ Gifts


I did go feed the ducks that day and this is what it looked like at my feet. It sure seemed like every duck for miles showed up. I usually like to do this on the holidays since no one else seems to do so. A little trip out in nature always seems to soothe the soul.

Here is a felted drink holder or pencil holder which is what I am using it for. Peggy sent it to me. The pencils were from Sarah, a nice collection of Caran d' arch watercolor pencil to add to what I already have.

This is a box of handspun yarn that my sister Peggy sent me. They are really beautiful, all sorts of colors and textures. I am not sure what I will do with them.

This is some fiber that Peggy sent me also first is some merino wool which is really soft and the second is romney and mohair. Its color is a really unique blends of greens and yellows.

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Enough of presents for now. After working out at ten I seem to have spent the rest of my day cleaning. I took the ham bone from Christmas dinner and put on a pot of split pea soup. It is starting to smell pretty good. I whipped up some whip cream for the last pumpkin pie. Yumm.

Sarah showed me how to use iTunes which works great. In order to upload music to my Mp3 played I still have to use Musicmatch which is a crappy program. After a couple hours I finally got it working and uploaded all my new music to it. sometime technology really is not my friend at all.

I got the new sewing machine set up. I couldn't manage to figure out the automatic needle threader though. I have a class on the machine on the ninth so I will wait till then to figure that out. I really want to take down the tree and put everything away but my daughter is protesting so I guess I will keep it up for a few more days. I am really ready to get back to normal and start working on things again. Its also time to come up with a goal list for 2007. I usually like to do that before the year ends. Last years goal was to explore my artistic abilities and I did start on that. I think its an ongoing process. This coming years focus will be on the book about my grandparents but there are other goals to look at too.


Kai said...

Those a gorgeous pictures of your birds, or did they adopt you Kate?
Im glad you got your sewing machine.. Im using mine to attach the strands you sent me..again thankie!!!
PEace, Kai.

Pam Aries said...

Ummmmmm..are you sure you wouldn't want to adopt me? It looks so comforting out there! THe yarns are gorgeous colors! I think I a mgonna be the only one lft with Decorations up1 Altho I did put away some of the really Christmasy ones. THe tree is still up as well as my mantle.

Lisa said...

I love the pic of the ducks. I think that would be a great feeling being surrounded like that. Lots of neat gifts. I usually leave Christmas decorations up until after New Years but I put them up so much earlier this year and the tree is so dry I decided to take them all down today. The tree is sitting in the livingroom nekkid. I'll put it out tomorrow. It feels good to get back to normal so I know what ya mean.

I like your idea of making goals. I definitely think you started on your artistic goal and I wholeheartedly agree that it's a process.

margene said...

The box of handspun looks like Pastels chalks. Just beautiful. You'll think of something wonderful. Nice thoughtful gifts.