Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Shetland Rovings

I had the rest of my Shetland fleeces prepared by Spinderella and Shirley picked them up and brought them to me this weekend. They all sell for 25.00 per pound.


This is Emily, she is really an oatmeal color, she was my first sheep and always has a nice fleece.


I have a little of this years Athena left. Cyndi took the rest of it, this past weekend. It really is a beautiful shade of brown.


This is Juno, she is pure black, the only Shetland I had that never turned color.


This is Gabrielle, she is mostly white with some light brown throughout her. The picture can't seem to bring that out.

These is Athena's fleece from a few years back. It has quite a bit of hay in it but it falls out as you spin. The nice thing is its a beautiful chocolate brown color. Here is a sample of yarn from it.

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Pam Aries said...

Kate, I find all of this so fascinating! To me.. having my own sheep and spinning wool into yarn would be like .... like a fairy tale! BTW: Can you spin that yarn into GOLD!!!