Friday, December 01, 2006

The Day After

I guess its really two days after but I liked the title so I am sticking with it. Yes I did finish, actually a day early. I was a little paranoid about not being able to upload my word count on the last day so I rushed to finish. Now finish is a strange word because I am really not finished by a long shot. I just made the 50,000 word mark, which all you need to do to win at NaNoWriMo. The goal is to have 50,000 word written for a first draft of a novel. I have done that and I realize that is quite an accomplishment considering last month my word count was zero.

According to Chris Baty the director of NaNoWriMo you are not supposed to look at your novel for 2 weeks. Then you read it and decide whether or not you want to devote the next year to revising your novel. Sometimes you will say oh this is a piece of drivel, I will just start something else. Now that is perfectly acceptable in NaNO land. I am not sure what I will do. My story is way longer than 50,000 words so I will either continue to write till I think I am done and then do a revision. Or perhaps revise it now and keep adding to it.

The downside of doing this project is everyone wants to read the book. It is far from being at the stage that I would feel comfortable letting anyone read it. I guess this is just a first step on a longer journey.

I have what has been called the Nano-blues. After all this concentrated effort, i keep thinking now what's next. I have had this before on other projects but its been a long time. The a TGIO party tomorrow afternoon. Thats stands for Thank God Its Over. I hope most people can come cause celebration is where its at now. I had a margarita to celebrate my victory.

I want to thank all my supporters who were with me on the good days and the bad. Especially Lisa and Kai. Your emails really helped out. I think it was your confidence in me that really made the difference. I couldn't let my glitter sisters down. Kai went one step further and posted on Violette's message board and then I got all these other messages too. What a sweetheart you are. Just remember to keep November open next year and we'll do it together.


Kai said...

Amen Kate..
You're my inspiration to get my book written by year end 2007..and we'll both be authors!! lol..Now you mentioned something about a Margarietta? :) sounds good..
Merry everything!!
PEace, Kai.

LisaOceandreamer said...

This is just the beginning dear Kate, you have the ball rolling now....your committment to this really is an inspiration and next year I truly hope to leap in. I KNEW you could do it!!
and now about that margarita...I like mine with no salt on the rim, lol!
CHEERS my friend!!!
with love and light,

radiogirl said...

Hi, I'm Alison from Violette's message boards (radiogirl) and I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! I missed NaNoWriMo in November (discovered it too late) but I thought it was such a good idea I've decided to make my own in January! So seeing that someone else accomplished a novel in a month is a great encouragement.