Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wisdom from Tony Bennett

I saw Tony Bennett on Oprah yesterday and thought what an amazing man. I have heard him signing all my life and he is still going strong. He is over 80 years old and looks 60. One thing he said is that he has 2 creative pursuits, when he is burned out with singing he paints and when he is bored with painting he goes back to signing. Everything he does has a creative outlet. Maybe that is why he looks so good and still sounds as well as he did thirty years ago. I feel like that a lot of the time. By that I mean that whatever I do needs to have some creative potential or I am not happy. When I was working at the call center I could just feel it killing my soul. There was not an ounce of creativity involved so it drove me nuts. In order to survive I had to quit.

This a baby gift that Suzanne from my knitting group made. I thought it was really nice so I took a pic to share with all of you. It has a sweater, hat, booties and a blanket. It is going to a mother who is having a spina bifida baby.

This is a close up of the little hat. I thought it was so cute. Makes me wish I had a little girl again.

Dave is going to pick Sarah up on Thursday so I am glad I don't have to make the trip. It will be good to have her home. Maybe she help me get my Christmas Spirit.

I decided to have my cookie party again on Saturday to see if that helps. It was really fun last year. I invited a few people over and they all bring their own ingredients to make 3 kinds of cookies and then we all take some of each others home. We have a potluck lunch and I added Margarita's to the mix last year and fun was had by all. I wish I had a second oven to cook with. It slows things down having to wait to cook but we seem to manage somehow.

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