Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finally Socks


As you can see I have finished something finally. They are all packaged and ready to go in the mail today. Now its back to the pirate socks. I can give them to Sarah unfinished if I like so the pressure is off. Yeah............

Dave left about 6am to go pick Sarah up. I sure am glad I don't have to make that trip in one day.

I am meeting my friend Madeleine this afternoon to talk about grants and such for my new book project. I hope she will be able to point me in the right direction. At least it will be a start.

Six Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged to do the Six Weird Things About Me. This was hard, maybe weird is just another forma of normal for me.

1. I too will burst into song at the slightest phrase. That must come from singing a lot as a kid. On car trips we'd sing entire musicals.
2. I can quote entire scenes from Lord of the Rings and Hunt for Red October and other movies I seen a zillion times.
3. I too am directionally challenged. If I am unsure in a place where to turn I invariably turn the wrong way. I have been trying to work on this so I am getting better. It helps to have a daughter who always knows which way to go.
4. I can eat the same food like spaghetti for breakfast lunch and dinner or even every day of the week for dinner and not get tired of it.
5. I can go for a long time without cleaning my house, I am just oblivioius to dust and all that. I think my head is just up in the clouds. There are more imortant thing to focus my time on.
6. Some may think that raising your own sheep, spinning, dyeing and then knitting or weaving with it is weird but I think it makes me more interesting.

I am not sure that these are weird things jus the ones that I can think of that make me colorful or eccentric. Just think I am not boring on a car trip. Oh if you are reading this you are tagged.
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Kai said...

Teehee Kate..teach me how to do #5..I have some dust bunnies that need ignoring!!
Peace, Kai.

Pam Aries said...

sounds pretty much like me ..'cept for the sheep (and you know I would be doing that too if I could) Are ya ready for Christmas????