Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My next book

Ever since the end of Nanowrimo I have been thinking about my next project. This is an idea I have had for some time, and its resurfaced again. To begin I need to give some background. I have my Irish Grandparents love letters that they wrote to each other from 1901-1910. Some of the time my grandmother was in New York working as a maid and my grandfather was in England working in the mines, other times one of them was in Ireland and the other in the US or England. They wrote for 10 years and did not marry until 1910. I have about 225 letters. I always thought this would make a good story. My thought on this evolved to the idea that I would like to visit the places that they wrote from, locations, like Dublin and Carrick on Shannon, Ireland, New York City, Wigan, England and Detroit, Michigan. My idea is to record my experiences about the places and intersperse this with their story and then the actual letters. I would add photographs of what is there now and try to find photos from the year they were there. To do this requires quite a bit of travel and financing that has always been a problem. Then I see the Secret and think maybe I can just attract the funding to me. I have decided to set this idea in motion and see where it takes me.

Meanwhile I see something on The Bold Soul's website she has a link on her site where people can donate funds to sponsor the writing of her new book. I didn't know you could do that so I added the link to my site too. I am pursuing different avenues of finding funding for this project. I am going to check out what grants may be available. I thought of checking with historical Societies and Irish organizations and maybe specialized publishers. I have a meeting with a friend next week who knows about applying for grants. So I will start seeing what I can apply for.

There is a lot I need to do before I need to really travel anywhere so I am starting to figure what I need to do first. In the past sometimes the project seemed so big that I got discouraged. Now I think I can organize it better into manageable parts. I need to get back to scanning in the remaining letters so I am not touching the originals anymore. They are pretty old and some are quite fragile. I have done about half of them.

I have thought about doing this for a long time but I think by using the Law of Attraction I will actually be able to attract the funding I need. I am really excited about getting started on this.

Artistic Expression

I finally got back to doing some Art. I made my ornament for the exchange and will pop it in the mail this afternoon. Also made some ATC's for Ang's Tea bag swap. I really can't show those until the participants receive them.

My spinning sisters Judy and Shirley come tomorrow, I haven't seen them since September so it'll be a great to spend the weekend with them.

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