Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone. Blessings to those who celebrate and those who don't. I wish you all a peaceful evening and tomorrow too.

We just had our Christmas Eve Snack of shrimp and cheeses and crackers. The blower on our fireplace started making noise, strange noises. That was good because Dave looked at it at we could have had a fire. We have a candle on the mantle and it melted through its side on to the top of the mantle, down to the metal fireplace insert and into the workings of the fan. There was a lot of wax to clean up but everything is still hot and smells of wax. We have the doors open to cool things off. It will be fine now but could have been quite the fire and quite the disaster. Lesson learned here, when equipment makes a different noise check it out immediately.

We went to see Eragon this afternoon. The baby dragon is so cute, I want my own. I had read the book and was happy to see it filmed. Saphira the dragon is so cool looking. The special effects wizards did a really great job on her.

Not much else to share, we're heading to town at 8pm to sing carols with a group at church. That should be fun, I really enjoy singing Christmas songs. This morning the Kids put on their rendition of the Best Christmas Pageant ever. It was really funny and the kids were so cute.

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