Monday, December 04, 2006

What I've Learned

What a title, now that I have said that I had better write something profound. I have seen other writers do a top ten so here is mine.

My Top Ten things I learned from doing NaNoWriMo

1. That I can actually write if I put my mind to it.
2. That procrastination is a fine art and I am a master at it.
3. That I can commit to something crazy and actually finish it. After not finishing the Knitting Olympics I guess I was more determined.
4. That after you do a big project like this, you find that you really can do anything. I mean if I can write 50,00 words in a month just think what I can accomplish in 2007. Look out world.
5. When you take your laptop out to write somewhere it really helps if you can't get on the internet.(see #2)
6. That there is not one book in me but several, and now they can't wait to come out.
7. That you can survive without cleaning your house for a month.
8. That when you can let go of expectations, wonderful things can happen.
9. That friends and supporters really make a difference, it was having people believe in me that made all the difference.
10. That I can accomplish great things, that I was meant to, and its time I did so.

Back to real life

After NaNoWriMo I headed back into Christmas frenzy mode. I have to get these socks made for my mother-in-law, and they have to be mailed so I needed to get moving. This sock is well into the foot so I hope to finish soon so I can do the other one. No I have not finished the pirate ones, they can wait as they don't have to be mailed, I keep taking those apart, so they are really slow going. Anyways, here is the sock.

I really like the color changes, I may to get some more of this yarn and make myself a pair. I would be able to do these faster if my tendinitis hadn't flared op again. It is so annoying when the things you love to do cause you pain.

I got most of my Christmas shopping done over the weekend, boughyt a tree and have it partly decorated. There is more to do and I also have to finish decorating the house. Two of my best buds are coming up from Salt Lake City for the weekend. We'll have another pajama party. That means we won't get dressed and we'll spin and knit and eat all day...aah bliss...

Then Sarah will be ready to come home Wed or Thurs of next week, so I'll be heading to Montana again. It will be good having her home for a longer period this time, but I wish she could get a ride. Its so nuts that there isn't even a bus out of Missoula.

I don't know what the temp is but its pretty cold out today. It must be single digits out there. I hate the thought of even venturing to town, but I must so I guess I will have to bundle up.


margene said...

Great list of accomplishments.

Lisa said...

Your list is really inspiring! Congrats again on completing your novel. That's amazing.

The color changes on the sock are so subtle and beautiful. They're going to be great socks.

Have fun at your pj party! I pray safety and a wonderful visit for your daughter.