Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cookies, Games, gifts

When I haven't blogged in a couple days it is like Oh where do I begin. On Saturday I had my second annual cookie party. Here is Amy's daughter Kristin mixing up a batch of Christmas cookies. I had a total of 4 adults and 2 teenagers. Fun was had by all. I never remember to take any cookie pictures.

On Sunday night I went over to friend Phil's house and we played games. The higlight was playing the Seven Deadly Sins. Its like trivial pursuit but to earn the center pieces you have action things to do. Some we pass on since they are very risque.

Kristin had to put something green on her face, Amy had to wear socks the rest of the evening. Phil pretended to be a cat cleaning his face and Sarah ended up doing a great imitation of Courtney Love. Lots of fun.

Here is Sarah having to lick butterfor the Seven Deadly Sins Game.

I was showered with gifts on Monday and that was fun. My sister sent me a doll she made, I got a belated birthday gift, a copy of Knit Lit Too, s compilation of knitting stories. Another gift of handmade paper, an inspirational CD from my friend Nancy. Then I went out with my friend Celeste for lunch and she gave me a nice lavender colored journal in a purple velveteen pouch and a book and kit on Tibetan Flags, where you get top make your own. Plus my sisters sent their Xmas package with goodies I have to wait to open. I'll get some pics up her later today.


Pam Aries said...

Cookies..YAY! Will you adopt me? I can sleep in the barnwith the sheep! (as long as I can bring my dogs and cat..ha) THis game ...sounds intriguing! But the butter licking...acccckkkkkk! I love butter, but melted on toast! Or in Cookies!

Kai said...

It sounds like your season is in full swing there Ms Kate.. Licking butter? ..oO(americans are weird..lol)..
I have tibetian prayer flags hanging in my mini studio for Peace..what a lovely gift.. :) Let me see yours when you've made them?
Peace, Kai. xx