Friday, December 08, 2006

This Coming Weekend

My spinning buddies Judy and Shirley are on their way up north to good ole Idaho as I write. I should really be cleaning up a little more, but you know its good enough. We've been friends long enough that they don't care what the house looks like, they come to see me. Its a great feeling. They are probably talking a mile a minute, who ever isn't driving is probably knitting on a pair of socks. I have about an hour before they are likely to show up. Then it will be party harty time. It is so wondeful when friends come to visit. Judy is bringing up the rest of the wool that I had Spinderella process. It will be interesting to see what my black and brown fleeces look like. I had her do 2 white, 2 brown and a black. I am anxious to see them.

My Doctor has told me to add cariovascul;ar exercize to the therapy I am already doing. It has been hard to do them both on the same day. I thnk that I just need to work up to it slowly. I haven't really exercized that way all year. I was really pitiful the first day.

The sun is shining today and we have a beautiful blue sky. Not a typical December day by any means. Maybe that's why I have no Christmas Spirit this year. Maybe it should just snow, that might do it.

When I drove home there were cows in the road. That's always a precarious thing, I mean do you drive around them or do you go and wait till they'r gone. I drove around there weren't any bulls so it seemed safe. They were my neighboirs cows too. I called to tell them but no answer, it makes me wonder how long they will be on the loose having a feast. Ahh life in the country, never a dull moment.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Pam Aries said...

Cows on the road...Crows on the road....I love it! The only thing on the road here is Crazy drivers! I wish I lived in a rural area again. It used to be so nice here but alas..PROGRESS.

Kai said...

What a wonderful place you live in to have cows loose!!
It snowed here yesterday and it was -9 with the windchill..So I did what any normal girl would do..I went It's my *cardio* workout or I get nagged by my doc..
Peace and Happiness, Kai

judie said...

Oh Kate you are going to have such a wonderful time with your friends. How lucky you are. I have no Christmas spirit either this year. Dunno why. Maybe it will happen. I keep hoping. No snow here. Palm trees and sunshine, but it did get cold today. 63. Thats pretty cold for Florida!

Pam Aries said...

I just thought of you and am hoping you and your knit and purlers are all having a grand time!