Monday, October 23, 2006

Another beautiful fall day

We are having another beautiful fall day. Clear blue skies as far as the eye can see. Yesterday we finally got the sheep's hooves trimmed so they are all set for winter. I spent some cleaning up the pasture of garbage and twine. I really need to go out and rake up all the pine needles. Its too bad I really did not like making pine needle baskets as I have a free supply of the things.

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up the weaving studio and then messed it all up when I decided that I need to organize the stash better. I am almost back to a workable room again.

This is what a so called organized yarn closet can look like. I got my yarns divided by type, ie linen, silk, mohair, cotton. I tried to separate the cotton into type and then by color. I like the arrangement better. After taking this picture and then looking at the other side of the room where my handspun yarns are I thought yuck what a mess now I need to work on those too. I do not know why I can't keep things in order.

I started some pirate socks for a christmas present for Sarah. I was going to do them on 2 circulars and then I realized I'd have four balls of yarn hanging off it. Too complicated for a traveling project. So I am going back to 4 dp for this project. I am using this pattern but I will do them in black and white with black heels and toes. I think they will be really cute when finished and the best part Sarah will be surprised and delighted.

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Kai said...

Aloha Kate..I organized my craft area only to have a frenzy of inspiration that left it messy again!!
I think your room rocks.. Please post a pic of the pirate socks?
Peace, Kai.