Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Pink house

I am having a hard time getting back into the groove. We had a nice time in the Tetons, it rained most days but it was still nice to be there. We ended up visiting areas in the park that we had never been to. One place we went is called Mormon row, its an area of old barns and homesteads where Mormons settled the valley. The barns are unique. They are run down but you still get the feel of what it must have looked like originally.

Here is the typical look.

Here I am in the doorway of one of the houses.

I was particulary taken by this pink house. It actually looked light peach close up. So many old homesteads are just wood. I like to think the person living here really needed some color in their life. It was owned by a hommesteader named John Moulton.

There was another house that had just a smithering of turquoise painted on it. For some reason that really fascinates me.

Still working on the room

I have the room all painted, painted the bookshelves and have moved my stuff back in. Now I am doing all the organizing which takes a long time. I spent today trying to organize all my beads. I need to go look for some storage items that are small. I ended up moving an old computer desk in the room to bead at and that seems to work well, The table went over to the spare room where the sewing machine will be. It is starting to shape up. I now have to also clean up the spare room as there is fabric and fleece all over the bed along with all sorts of stuff. Its hard figuring out where things can go now. I am hoping that in another couple days I can have both rooms done and then set about cleaning up my weaving studio. I wanted to weave some shawls on my Tri-loom and I can't find the screws that hold it together. That is so frustrating.


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

there is so much of this country I have not seen. I love the photos you shared, such history!!
Gettint a studio space to be just right, sorted right, items in easy to find places, the right takes time. I hope you will photo the final results!

Pam Aries said...

Hi Kate! THANK you so much for thinking of me! I love that crow! He caws daily...hee hee! It was such a nice surprize and brightened my day! Sorry I haven't had a chance to thank you sooner,,still no 'puter! Hey, those old houses and barns are so col! sometimes I wish I lived in a place like that! Far from the crazeee crowd! Love ya! Pam