Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Secret

My favorite new movie is The Secret. It really talks all about the things in Ask and it is given by Ester and Jerry Hicks. It does remind me of What the Bleep movie because they do showcase a lot of different people. I watched it again last night and am inspired to work at using it in my life.

When I was working on my shrine for my mom I asked my cousin for some pics of my mom which she did send to me but along with that she sent a pic of my Great Grandfather Patrick Farrell.

I do not know when the picture was taken, sometime in the 1800's I imagine. He looks a little stern but I guess most photos of that period look that way. There do not seem to be many pictures of the women in the family which is what I would really like to have. In fact its my brother who has most of the family pictures and he is always promising to scan them for everyone but it never happens. I know there is a pic of my parents wedding that I'd love to have a copy of. I guess that I need to pester him more.

The authors of Visual Chronicles are going to be on the View today. That will be fun to see and hopefully get me out of my funk and back to doing some Art.

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Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

thanks for the reminder on the View and - I think I already set TiVo to record it but will be sure. I will look for that movie as well. I truly hope that the funks some of us find ourselves in finally lifts so we can get back to feeling lighter and with much inspiration...doing ART!