Thursday, October 19, 2006

Things are looking up

I think a trip to the art store always makes things better. I had my Dr.appt this morning, I had a biopsy done and results will be back next week. My Dr, thought it was just menopausal stuff but the biopsy will make certain that is all it is. They are giving me something to stop the period and I needed to stop at the pharmacy and pick it up. I thought I kill a little time at Roberts, my favorite craft store.
I bought some wood letters to decorate my art room with and their 12 x 12 paper was on sale so I came home with about 8 new sheets that are really fun. Lots of color and texture that will be fun to use. I spent a total of 7.00 so that was great.

The episode of the view was great. The way Rosie ended the segment was great too. She said everyone is an artist, the art is inside you waiting to come out. Linda and Karen are also selling shirts that say "I am Art" . I really think that visual journaling is scrapbooking for adults.

I have been really worried with this health thing and I think that is over now. I feel so light and uplifted now. Art can do that for you, its a great healer.


judie said...

Kate, I just saw the shrine you made for your mom. It's awesome! You did a wonderful job, girl! I recently bought some wood letters also. I am going to paint the up funky for my bedroom wall is dark blue...the letters spell out D R E A M. Crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer for your test results.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I've been thinking of you and just know all will be right! The waiting is the hard part. Healing through art is so essential and a little visit for supplies the icing on the cake. I have giant letter foam stamps I ordered a few years one time I had stamped 'create' over the door in here but we repainted. I need to get them out and put words around the room! thanks for the reminder.
as for the View segment, have to say I was a bit disappointed merely because it could have been done with or without the authors...Rosie commanded it. But all in all you're right, the message was good!!
Sending you fairies and angels to dance around you!

Kai said...

I wish your soul peace and your body healing..
Peace and hugs, Kai.