Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Art Room

No it is not finished. I have been thinking of posting pics of my new room but it always seems to be a work in progress. If I wait till its really done it may be another 6 months. So here it is as of today.


I put the words Create Art up for inspiration. I do plan to add some more embellishments to the letters, I just stuck them up there to see how they would look.


I have an old dresser that I plan to paint, but for now it holds my paint rack and paper cutter and lots of other stuff.


This is a computer desk my husband had but he gave it to me. With its L shape it has a lot of work space plus the pull out shelf for more. I really like it. I have several plastic organizer drawers under the desk. There is still enough leg room so that is great.

Here is another old computer desk that I am using for beading. It also has that extra pullout shelf which is really nice.


Here are two bookshelves that I have. I am sure they will be filled up soonPosted by Picasa

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