Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bejeweled Woman

Over at Violette's site she posted this face she used in a journaling class.


Then some of the glitters gals challenged us all to use the face and create something.


Here is my lady. I am calling her bejeweled woman. I took a background page I had created previously with twinkling H2o's and drew her on the paper. I had added earrings and they looked awful so I cut her out and glued it to some black cardstock also added the checkerboard border using sepis Pitt artist pens and a stencil. I will probably journal something on this later, but I have not decided what. I used derwent watercolor pencils onher head covering and then a Niji waterbrush to bring out the color. I made her a pair of earrings and sewed them to the card stock. I think this would be fun to do her as a doll and really embellish her. Although I struggled with this figure the entire way I am realy glad I did it. I learned a lot.


I worked on the pirate socks till 1 am last night or I should say this morning. Then I had to rip them apart. The graph is in shades of white and grey. You use the white yarn in the grey spots and the black yarn in the white spots. Needless to say I was not paying attention and did it the opposite. I am using Brown Sheep Company's Wildfoote Luxury sock yarn. Hopefully today I will be able to knit it the correct way.

I am off to a spinning day at my friend Celeste's home. It should be fun. Posted by Picasa


judie said...

Very kewl Kate! She looks kind of Egyptian. I got your Lord of the Rings movie ATC. I LOVE IT THANK YOU THANK YOU!! :) :) :)

Lisa said...

She's really cool!

giggles said...

How fun your lady is! Interesting how different they all look! Well done!

Peace and giggles