Monday, October 30, 2006

The Montana trip

Well we are back from our long weekend. It was great seeing Sarah and spending some time with her. We had a suite at the Holiday Inn express that was really nice.


Here the two of us are at a restuarant waiting for food to show up. I actually got tired of eating out. After 4 days I was ready for home cooked food.


Here is Sarah in her new scarf, supporting those Griz colors. We had a good time at the football game. Ironically the Griz were playing Idaho State and beat them 23 to 10. It was a very good game, it wasn't decided until the last minute and half so that made it exciting. We took her out several times shopping for a few things. I think she was really getting into having things bought for her again. Sometimes she seems so settled that I don't feel needed at all anymore and at others she's a little girl again. I guess that is the way it works.


We met her friends at the Food Zoo; that is Beth, Joanna, Sarah and Kyle.

Once again I had fun in the art dept of the bookstore. I bought a set of Caran D Arch water color pencils. I really like them. I also bought a sheet of paper that replicated postage from all over the world. I figured that will be fun to use.

I found out where Josephs Coat a yarn shop had moved to. I picked up some bamboo yarn to make a scarf out of. Its a nice shade of blue. I also picked up a gift for my friend Amy who was watching my animals. It was some of that silk sari waste yarns in some wild colors. She loved it. We also went to this store called Rockin Rudy's which was pretty incredible, room after room of cards, journals, papers gifts, jewelry and more. They had some great things in there. I ended up coming home with a moleskine watercolor notebook. This is the first place I have seen them so I had to grab that for future use. The weekend slipped by too quickly.

Today I spent my time cleaning. I finally got the weaving studio done and then worked on my computer desk. Its almost finished. I really want evrything in good shape before Nov 1. That leaves tomorrow to finish up. I am doing NaNoWriMo which starts Wednesday, I will explain what that is tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

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Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

So glad you had a good time Kate...the two of you are beautiful!!!
so you're going to write the novel eh? I so love to write but knowing me HAVING to just might create a block. I wish I could committ to it like you and others are doing.