Monday, October 16, 2006

My Mom's Shrine

I started blogging all about the monday blues and stuff and I got even more depressed so I decided to share artwork instead. Ever since Violette did the shrine for her dad I wanted to do one also. I need to find a few more things to add but this is a start. I made this little shrine while I was camping in the Tetons.


Here is the front I need to find another picture to add here. I think it would look better with 3 of them.


The insides of the box.


This side shows some things about my mom. The scissors ar becuase she was a hairdresser before she married, she loved Vogue patterns and she sewed most of her clothes from them, She loved to wear hats and she loved drinking both tea and beer.


This pic show a young and older pic of her along with a cardinal and wolf which were animals she liked. I added the word signing because she had a beautiful voice and loved to use it. Other small word adorn the sides were other things she liked like opera and yoga. There is some blank space so I may add more to this later. It was a fun project yet challenging to encompass a persons life in the size of a tin. Posted by Picasa

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Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

Kate,what a lovely tribute to your mom.