Monday, November 03, 2008

Painting Rocks

I saw these on the Dancing Mermaid site and then on Kim's too. Plus Olivia is doing a video series on how she gives hers away. I thought I would try my hand at them. Not all of these have their coat of modge podge on top yet. One thing is its amazing how long it takes to cover some rocks. I have several coats of red over one rock and its still not done. I had to switch to real paint cause the craft paint really is transparent in the red shades. FolkArt has some metallic paints that I have never seen before and I just love the colors.

I think McCabe's look better since her handwriting is awesome but I think all you need is the sentiment and they work. I plan on giving mine away at Christmas time and then may even leave some around town. I think it would be fun to have someone find just the word or phrase they needed to hear that day.

Please Vote for someone in my Mail Art contest. I think I have a tie right now so I need some more input. Please see the previous post and comment there. Thanks.


Lynn said...

I love rocks with words...have a few in my office. Yours are best with color...nicely done.

The Artful Eye said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for your visit and kind words.

I love painted rocks, have a slew of them with messages on my desk. They always make me smile.

I vote for Mail Art #5. These are all wonderful. I just love the bird tree image and all the different mediums used in this one.

Great paisley black cat canvas!

Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
The nano is going well, we have a big write-in tonight.
GO OBAMA!! I cant vote, but I hope he wins..I like

I put latex primer on my rocks first and it worked like a charm.. (Get it? Charm.. oh well, some pebble humour..)

Peace, Kai xx

judie said...

Your collage challenge above is delicioius Kate.

And the rocks are kewl. At work we have a rock fountain (large rocks and slate) and I have made several small painted and glittered rocks with words and placed them among the big ones. They always get stolen! LOL That's ok. Someone needs them!

Shopgirl said...

When my graddaughter was a toddler we would gather rocks from my flower bed so that she could paint them. She would carry them around and give them away. This is so clever....thank you for sharing. I will give it a try. I really like the idea of leaving one somewhere so that someone could find it.
Your, Mary

Olivia said...

I just love your rocks, Kate! And your tutorial is fantastic...I think you should index or tag it or perhaps rename it as a tutorial for rock painting, as I think many people would like to watch it.

One of the best parts of the love rocks idea is Kim's about giving them away. Of course, since I haven't yet made them, it's the only part I've done!! Still, I think you'll enjoy this part too.

I will be thinking of you, Kate, creating art and writing, while I'm away in Hawaii. Write on (and paint and draw on), Love, O