Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday - Finding time for Art

I never really know what to do for Sacred Life Sunday posts so I don't do that many. This week I have been missing doing art, so I finally took the time. I guess that I made it sacred for me. I worked so long on this page I thought maybe I should go back to using canvasses for faces. At least at that point I could have something that I could hang on the wall and look at. When its in a journal its all closed up. It not that the effort is not valuable in its own right but it just takes me so long. Perhaps when I get better at mixing colors and painting in general I will be able to do a journal page quickly. The words in the piece are "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly"

Now its back to writing, I am past the half way point. Today is day 16 and I have made the 25,000 word goal yesterday. Now its on to the second half. Although doing Nanowrimo is fun and rewarding and all that jazz it is pretty intense. I am looking forward to a relaxing December.


Lynn said...

Your painting is lovely. Not sure I can live up to the words on it, as I do not believe in "perfect"...but being the best I can good enough for me.
I love the colors and the stamping in the turquoise!

Your writing challenge numbers are astonding. good luck with this and yes, a relaxing December!

Stephens said...

Yes, the painting is lovely and cheerfully colorful. Keep it nearby as you write away.