Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Its Time To Go

Sharon over at All Norah's Art had a challenge over the weekend and I decided to take it on.

I think you are supposed to start and finish during the weekend but it always takes me longer to do things. I learned a lot with this page. I tried out the new Golden Open Acrylics and oh are they nice. They are much creamier and stay wet on your palette a lot longer. In this page I ended up using the Open and Fluid acrylics, colored pencil,and stamps. I really hated the background at first but now I think its ok.


Sharon said...

Kate, what a neat page you did. And your lady's face is so pretty. I think I can tell the difference in the creammyness of the paint. I don't have any of that new paint but I have reasearched it at their website.
I felt like you about my background too at first. It kinda grows on you. That's what the dare was all about...to do something new.
Very fun that you took the dare.

Julie said...

Kate, I really, really like this page. I just found a sketchbook that I think will work great for a soul journal. I think I am going to call it the Celtic Soul journal.

I had never heard of those paints before. I will have to try them out.