Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mail Art Contest Winner

Mahala was the lucky winner of my mail art contest. Above you'll see the package I sent her. It's a combination of painting and collage and stamping. I really had fun making it. I did not take pics of the insides. She got an issue of Art & Life, A beaded necklace kit and miscellaneous papers and napkins for collage.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mahala. The mail art was such fun to do. Love Hugs and Blessings

craftyhala said...

yay me!

Gillian said...

Yay you, Mahala!! Whhhoooot!
As for your mail art Kate, what a good job you did.

gemma said...

Yay for Mahala.It was fun!!! Plus you got to collect little bits of mail art from us.