Saturday, November 29, 2008

Treating Yourself

In all the hubub of black friday I came home with a gift for me. Its called the Bind it All by Zutter and it makes spiral bound books of many sizes. I can't wait for some time when I can play with it. I always like to buy myself something for Christmas. Sometimes the presents are big and sometimes small but a gift for yourself is important I think. This one I got with a 40% off coupon so it was a price not to be beat and I want to make my own books so this was a perfect match.

Nanowrimo word count is 49427 so I have a little over 500 words and I will be done. I should be able to do that tonight. Its been a hard month and I am ready to get my life back again. I have one more commitment and that is the Victory party next week. We'll meet at a restaurant for lunch and celebrate all those words. The group I facilitate wrote over a million words in November. So far we have 3 winners I know of and there will be many more in the next 28 hours that are left. Its been a great group to work with but I am ready to take off the ML hat and just read or do Art or go to the movies.

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craftyhala said...

So exciting...good luck.
As for the binder, I want one!