Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New art journal pages

I finally caught up to my word count. Its taken me a week to do so, but it feels good. I have writer 16,680 words so far.

Here are some journal pages recently finished.

Here is another page on change, that is some of my paste paper on the right.

I have been trying to finish up a moleskine and here I even did the inside covers.

The found poetry says
My soul
what treasure
do you hear
with imagination

I enjoyed working on these pages, I used an old set of oil pastels, not the water soluble ones. I can blend them easily, they were fun to work with. I thought of putting something in the window but then thought its like you look into the window to see whats inside. The whole book becomes the inside.

I had to do an election page since I was so much a part of things. I collected images from the net and added some journaling on my experiences. So much hope now it needed to be recorded somehow. Do you believe I forgot to buy a paper on Wednesday.

I have a lot of golden paint and the one thing I run into is having a color in the heavy bodies line. Decided I wanted some Cerulean Blue Deep in the heavy body version. Michaels wanted 16.99 for a 2 oz tube. Yikes.. even with my 50% off coupon it was 8.50. I hope I now paint some masterpiece with it. I wonder what is so special about this color that it costs more than the others. I guess I will never know.


Sharon said...

Your journal is great and your found poem wonderful. I'll be watching for you blue painting.

PJ said...

Love your journal pages!! and your inspirational speaker is great..I've seen before in I think another one sent in email! awesome!Like your banner..you changed it right?

tinker said...

I love the journal pages, Kate - especially those top two. Images of doorways and steps always seem to speak to me.
Congrats on the word count. Mine's pretty low - I've stopped looking at it for now, lol. I'll just keep on putting one word after another though. Good luck to us all.

Janet said...

I like your journal pages. The first one really caught my eye but I like them all.

And congrats on your writing! 16,680!! That's a lot of words!

Trish said...

love your pages!!