Saturday, March 01, 2008

A couple of sketches

Its cold and snowy and windy and miserable out today. There was a coyote in the field behind us and Dave was rushing to get a picture and he slipped on the ice fell on his knees and twisted his back. So he has been in bed all day.

I have been reading my grandmothers letters from 1901-1903 this afternoon and wow I can't stop. Now that I have them in order its easy to follow their story. Can you imagine your salary being $10.00 a month. Then there was the time her sister after giving birth almost went mad. The doctors wanted to throw her into an insane asylum but the family resisted and nursed her back to health themselves. Then there are stories between the lines when you have to guess what is going on. Such fascinating reading amongst the mundane normal stuff.

I had some extra paper left over from making the journal so I have been sketching on it at odd moments.

I drew this scary lady around 4 o'clock this morning she sort of reminds me of Joni Mitchell. Now that I say that I think her cheek bones are not high enough.

This afternoon I went for a totally different look.

I hope you are having some fun this weekend.


Pam Aries said...

You are funny...scary lady drawing..hee heee. I a msorry Dave hurt his back1 ..Hey girl...enjoy the snow ....each flake has it's purpose. Woo woo!

Patti said...

Interesting reading those diaries, such precious family history right there. Nice sketches, and she does look a little like Joni Mitchell!

judie said...

Kate,how wonderful and fabuluous that you have your grandmother's letters. What an absolute treasure! I wish I had something like that. How lucky you are! Treasure them! xoxoxoxoxo

tinker said...

How cool to have so many letters that you can put together the family story, like that!
Hope you had a great birthday - sorry I'm so behind the times - Happy Birthday, Kate!~XOXO

Gemma said...

Hi Kate,
Reading those old letters must be beautiful...just imagining how life was for them back then.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!xx
Excited about tonights on-line class too!

Sharon said...

I am so jealous of your old family letters. It's better than a book.
Your scary lady comment made me laugh but then I looked and thought maybe instead of raising the cheekbone...try lowering the eyes next time.