Friday, March 28, 2008

Funny Video

I saw this on my friend Sue's blog and had to share.

It will bring a smile to your face, This is the same group that did the freeze video.

I am still feeling yucky but managed to draw this last night while watching LOST which was a disappointing rerun.

I drew this the other day, I was copying a drawing on another blog just to learn to do different faces. I wanted to give credit to the original artist but I can not remember whose blog it was. I hope they will understand.

Here is my turtle card for the Healing & Inspiration Deck. Its very pastel and watery looking so it doesn't photograph well. Hopefully it will scan well for the printing.

I have been struggling about my second card, I did a crow card didn't like it , then I was going to do a dragonfly and didn't like my preliminary attempts so I think I am going to do something totally differently. When I think of what inspires me or what is healing they are one in the same. So now I am thinking of meditation or music or the ocean. Now its just a matter of how to capture that in a tiny 2.75 X 4 inch card. Oh well something will come.


tinker said...

I like the face drawings and the turtle, Kate. Just catching up, and saw you weren't feeling well the other day. Hope you're feeling better now. ((hugs))

Gillian said...

I love your turtle card for the deck, I am sure it will scan just fine.
You know, photos never show true colour do they?
Your video put a huge smile on my face, thank you!!!

Pam Aries said...

Kate....I hope you are feeling much better! Ya gotta get well in 3 weeks, ha! I love your turtle card! Get your Glitter shoes on...woo hooo!

doulanana said...

Love your blog! How can I get more info about your Healing and Inspriation cards???

violette said...

I really like your turtle card Kate.......the spiral in the middle is very symbolic isn't it?

Love, Violette