Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What's going on here

Everything is breaking

Sunday my hair dryer broke and then yesterday my vacuum cleaner broke. I spent the afternoon shopping for a new vacuum. This is what I ended up with after going to 4 stores. It is quieter than my old vacuum and cleans much better too, that is a plus.

Dyeing fiasco's

I am dyeing the sleeves for Sarah Final Fantasy costume. they are supposed to be pink at the bottom and gradually get lighter. I did a sample which look good. Then when I got back to dyeing the sleeves the dye water was cool so I heated the water up and then tried to do the sleeve. Oops, big mistake, solid color no gradation. A quick run to the store to buy some color remover was in order. Now I need to remove the color and start again. Oh what fun...

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